If you are a regular user of the website the new design will look very different but all the old features are still there and we have added some new ones as well.

The Event Calendar, the Laser Mart, the Results, the Ladders, the Training pages and details of the UK Association are open to all visitors. Where downloadable documents are not shown as active links access is restricted to UKLA members only.

Event Calendar

Driven by a true calendar system this displays only events that have not yet happened. Once an event has taken place it will be automatically moved to the Results section and displayed PROVIDING the Results or a report or photographs have been sent to the Webmaster

Laser Mart - Non Members

Members Only Areas

Current members of UKLA can log in to the site to access additional features. Members can now place their own adverts on the Laser Mart page. They can view and contribute to the Message Board. Technical articles will be available to the members. Only UKLA members will have access to the whole site. The news section (currently on the front page) is also designed for ease of administration, so that News Items can be easily added or deleted without editing the website directly. So if you have anything to tell us do send it in to the webmaster

Login & Password - Initial visit

We have to assign Login Ids and Passwords but want to make it immediately accessible to all current members. We will do that initially by using a combination of everyone's surname and UK Laser Association membership number for both Login ID and initial password. Type in the first six letters of your surname, using a capital letter for the first character, and then your membership no. - with no space between.

There are two special cases.

  1. Names containing an apostrophe, such as O'Doherty. This would convert to ODoher0000 with the first two letters in upper case.
  2. Names including a blank, such as Van Der Puil, where the spaces are dropped, hence VanDer0000. Note the upper-case letter immediately after where the space was removed.

Your initial temporary password is the same as your Login, but you will immediately be required to change it to one of your own choice. While changing it you will also be required to supply a "Security Question and Answer". This will be used in the future if you forget your password, or if you are locked out by repeated attempts to log in with the wrong password. You should also ensure that your email address is correct, as this will be used to email you a new password if you ever forget it.

Full details of why and how the password system works are described in the Login Help Page, available by pressing on the Help Button in the website login panel. Once logged in, you can change your Login Id if you want to something easier to remember. However your original Id will always exist as your default Login Id.

You can also change your Nick Name, the name by which you will be known to others on the Message Board. However this does not make you anonymous your identity will always be known to the Webmaster.

Don't know your Membership No. ?

Your membership no. is shown on your UKLA membership card.
If you have not yet received this, please contact Dot Beadsworth, the Association Secretary.

Finally, if you are having difficulty getting in, or using the site, please email me the webmaster